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Keeping it smooth - Just for you!

Keeping It Smooth - Just For You!

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Here at SmoothtraxFM we aim to offer the smooth jazz fan a full "One Stop" experience from reading about the latest releases from new and established artists, as reviewed by Denis Poole's,  Smooth Jazz Therapy to gaining a US perspective from articles on the scene from Melanie Maxwell's Smooth Jazz News to checking artist videos. You can view artist interviews from the Diane Dayton page which covers the annual Boscov Berks Jazz Festival in Reading, Pennsylvania. You can view our Links to Artist websites, Record labels, Cruises and Festivals from our ever increasing Links page and soon you'll be able to tune in to SmoothtraxFM radio when we'll be back 24/7.  

Our weekend hands over to Classic & Modern Soul, Disco and Jazz-Funk at the Smoothtrax Soul Weekender.

We welcome your company and comments and thanks for taking the time to visit us. Now, have a browse then sit back and relax and enjoy some great music!

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